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Bilingualism & Employment

  • We provide engaging lectures and workshops to high school and university students on reasons to master a second language.
  •  US Employers and the military are seeking bilingual staff more than ever. This is occurring across all industries and markets.
  • This is a primary reason why fluency in a second language is necessary to stay competitive in the work place. 
  • K-12 th grade and colleges should readily prepare their students to develop fluency in a second language. Some learning institutions are not as focused on 2nd language acquisition with fluency.
  • 4u Language Services, LLC provides a framework to actively encourage and engage students to study foreign languages with more passion from middle school, high school and colleges.
  • We provide a series of interactive webinars with industry professionals who share their journey and advices as foreign languages and American Sign Language interpreters or translators. We believe that when students see professionals in particular roles they too aspire to reach those heights.

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