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The Language Career Guide Book

Read my new book! A Multibillion-Dollar Industry Translation & Interpretation: The Future in Language Careers
Are you bilingual? Are you in search of a new career? Did you know that your language skills are in high demand? Earn money while helping others as a translator or interpreter!
This book is written for bilingual speakers who want to jumpstart their career as a translator, foreign language interpreter, or American Sign Language interpreter. Whether you’re a foreign language teacher, a native speaker of a foreign language with professional proficiency in English, a university student in graduate-level language programs, or you’ve already obtained your degree, this book offers insider knowledge on the various aspects of the industry, including trends and projected career growth.

Translators & Interpreters let this be a resource to expand your business and manage your career.

This is not a technical guide on how to interpret or translate. It’s a concise yet comprehensive overview of a multifaceted business that continues to grow in the United States and globally. A must-read for those seeking an exciting and rewarding career!


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